ARM Institute & Connection U Meetup #4

Pittsburgh is already a leader in robotics thanks to Carnegie Mellon University and the companies on Robotics Row. The ARM Institute will further extend western Pennsylvania's lead in this emerging technology.

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM) is an independent non-profit that won an $80 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense. The grant is for funding efforts in robotics innovation and to accelerate growth in US-based manufacturing.

ARM Institute

The ARM Institute is further supported by $173 million in commitments from more than 100 members and partners in industry, academia, technology, government and economic development groups.

We interviewed ARM Institute's Chief Operating Officer Jay Douglass about the genesis of the organization, how their work moves America's technology forward, and whether we should be worried about robots stealing jobs from humans.

Jay was candid and compelling while opening our eyes to the realities of the technology.

Piper's First Intern

After the interview, we interviewed and accepted the first intern of Piper Creative. Cong Lu, a graduate student at CMU, was interviewed by Hannah& Ashley. She impressed with her ambition, strong resume, and interest in getting outside her comfort zone.

Connection U Meetup

We ended the day by heading to Community Forge in Wilkinsburg. Community Forge played host to the fourth Connection University Meetup. The building used to be an elementary school that was shut down when the neighborhood fell on hard times.

Now, executive director Michael Skirpan and local residents are a remaking it into a community space for opportunities. Local businesses rent office space, provide after-school activities for kids, and fight gentrification.

Connection University loves featuring spaces like these at our meetups.

Dozens of super-connectors came to Wilkinsburg to expand their network, deepen relationships, and find ways to give to others.

We love every busy day like this. Excited for the future of Cong, Connection University, and the ARM Institute.

Daphne Kass