Geekwire's Todd Bishop

In February of 2018, the team at Geekwire set up a temporary 2nd headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. They identified the Steel city as a beacon of hope for the Rust Belt, as the city is flourishing in a tech boom. Todd Bishop, founding editor, met with the Piper Creative team on a cool winter morning for a podcast interview.

While in Pittsburgh, the Geekwire team rode in a self-driving Uber, toured the labs of the cities' top roboticists, and visiting numerous neighborhoods to eat from the vast array of restaurants. They also warned of the negative externalities that could come with Amazon choosing to build it's (much larger) HQ2 in western PA.

This vlog covered a podcast interview appearance Todd Bishop made on Going Deep w/ Aaron Watson.

The Seattle-based media outlet sets a sterling example for all modern media companies. Co-founder Todd Bishop keeps his team small and avoids being overly reliant upon ad revenue by running live events to support the Geekwire bottom line.

In addition to discussing the ethical way to run a media business, Aaron gifted Todd a pair of #PinkSocks.

#PinkSocks are the brainchild of Nick Adkins (based in Portland) and are meant to stir up a spirit of kindness, community, and love.

Daphne Kass