Ian Rosenberger Talks Next Chapter for Thread International

“The trick is to stay alive long enough to figure it out.” ~ Ian Rosenberger

Rock climbing? Professional racing? Bull riding? No, we’re talking start-ups.

They are the unsung heroes of your favorite main street shops, online consulting, software programs, creative media groups; these are the teams of people who want to work with you, listen to your concerns, and create products or services that exceed your expectations. And that’s what Ian Rosenberger of Thread International is all about.


Piper sat down with founder Rosenberger to discuss dodgeball, photography, their Kickstarter campaign, and the value of persistence in the professional world. Thread has partnered with clothing and accessory companies from Aerie to Reebok.

In 2010, Rosenberger was conflicted. Port-au-Prince had just suffered a catastrophic earthquake. So he hopped on a plane and a bus to do something about it. On a second trip to Haiti that year, he and another photographer met a Haitian boy, Tasi, who inspired Rosenberger to “set the ball rolling.”

He truly feels he’s found a purpose with Thread. Ian Rosenberger doesn’t want to change just the material world, but the health of the whole planet. A priority of the company lies in encouraging green production by using trash thought to be useless, thrown to the Haitian roadside. With this, Rosenberger has found a purpose in it, turning it to treasure — to your backpack.

Ultimately, this process teaches the unemployed in a vibrant, flourishing start-up environment. There is nothing more valuable than this experience. Rosenberger is making quality employment and workforce preparation a reality for many Haitians. In order to improve our winning odds against worldwide poverty, Rosenberger has made it Thread’s mission. Helping people, the world, and our organizational setbacks, Thread does not exist just for storage on your back.

It’s more than that. Hear more about the story of the company on his Kickstarter page, A Better Backpack and on episode 54 of This Is Piper.

written by: Callie DeMasters (@szafirowe)

Daphne Kass