Interviewing Civic Science founder John Dick

We did a podcast interview with Civic Science founder and CEO John Dick. Over the course of our conversation, Aaron and John discussed the challenges of recruiting technical and sales talent, the pros and cons of basing the company in Pittsburgh, and how empathy has played a role in understanding the 2016 presidential election.

John grew up in rural Pennsylvania and understands both country and cosmopolitan life. The data that he accesses through Civic Science gives him an even deeper understanding of the forces driving political preferences.

His data reveals that the media you consume and your socioeconomic status strongly influence how you might vote. It's not as tied to independent thought as you'd like to believe.

How can we trust the data?

Civic Science is a thoroughly modern polling company that is built to be digital and mobile-first.

Unlike older polling companies like Gallup and Nielsen, Civic Science meets audiences where they are actually living their day-to-day lives.

Despite being in Pittsburgh, Civic Science does not spend much time celebrating the region or focusing on local media. Since they are not selling to many companies in town, they focus on getting their research into articles on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg.

They also blog regularly and execute a thorough content marketing strategy.

Both Piper Creative and Civic Science know that content is the gateway to sales. As viewers, listeners, and readers come to rely upon your insights and findings, they become more and more open to working with you.

We just take different routes to the same goal. Civic Science focuses primarily on blogging, while Piper is playing primarily on YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts.

You should listen to the whole podcast interview on Going Deep with Aaron Watson. Then, you should listen to John's interview on the Lefsetz podcast.

The podcast was recorded at StudioMe in East Liberty.

Daphne Kass