Learning About New Century Careers

It is frustrating to see so much negativity in the headlines. Piper Creative is hoping to inject a little more positivity into the world with conversations like the one we had with Neil Ashbaugh, Director at New Century Careers.

Lately, Pittsburgh has been in the news for robots and restaurants. But the city’s blue-collar roots run deep. Manufacturing is still an important part of the regional economy and New Century Careers is working to train the next generation of professionals in the industry.

In the New Century Careers facility, students spend 3-6 months learning the fundamental skills of a machinist. This often propels the students from minimum wage jobs into earning more than $40k per year.

This is an increasingly important mission, as studies have identified a critical shortage of entry-level machinists and other manufacturing workers. Local manufacturers are sponsoring the program in search of new, young people to hire.

In a sweeping discussion, Aaron & Neil Ashbaugh discuss the opportunities for good pay and consistent work offered by roles in manufacturing. The industry is facing a cliff over the next ten years as Baby Boomers continue to retire, leaving companies hungry for talent.

We also got schooled on the history of local manufacturing and the forces driving the local economy.

Daphne Kass