Legal Sifter, AI, and the Law

Legal Sifter is a Pittsburgh-based artificial intelligence company focused on the law industry. We met with Kevin Miller, the CEO, to discuss companies embracing artificial intelligence, raising capital in Pittsburgh, and taking the reins of a startup.

Legal Sifter

LegalSifter is on a mission to bring affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. Kevin Miller joined the startup to help prove the business model and scale the company. The concept was originally developed by some college students. Kevin was brought in to build a legitimate business.

Previously, Kevin has served as Chief Operating Officer Industrial Scientific Corporation, helped launch an online version of Argosy University, and spent half a decade at FreeMarkets, in the global sourcing and procurement software space.

FreeMarkets was the last Pittsburgh startup to go through a major IPO. DuoLingo looks like it might be the next to make it to a public offering.

In this discussion, Aaron and Kevin discuss artificial intelligence replacing vs augmenting humans, Kevin's distinct career arc, and the climate for raising capital in and outside of Pittsburgh.

Kevin is also a licensed attorney in the state of Ohio.

Piper Creative Squad

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