Meeting Marathon

Our first video with a classy thumbnail was also our busiest vlog episode to-date. Eventually we will have our own office and a space to host consecutive meetings, but, for now, these jaunts around town represent the essence of getting Piper off the ground.

We started with a podcast interview and meeting with Gridwise founder Ryan Green. After serving in the US Navy, Ryan founded a company to help rideshare drivers (Lyft, Uber, etc.) make more money.

His company's app collects all the major data around events, airport flights, and traffic to inform drivers where they can anticipate higher fares. It's a story we love sharing.

Then, we met Ian Magazine at Zeke's Coffee. We discussed event planning, potentially developing a LinkedIn creative service, and Ian's past career achievements.

This was followed by a meeting with Annie, who was a fantastic intern during the preparation for the first-ever Going Deep Summit. She was so good that we wanted to continue to keep her around and chart a course for her development within Piper.

Finally, we recorded another podcast with search fund operator Jamie Van Buren.

These busy days are followed by busy evenings. Hannah went home to edit footage, while Aaron battled his inbox and booked more meetings.

Daphne Kass