Meeting Mark DeSantis & Recording a Tammy Thompson Keynote

No business meeting is exactly the same. Today's video is a great example. We went from beta testing our new keynote service for Tammy Thompson, to recording a podcast interview with Mark DeSantis.

Tammy grew up in poverty and spoke to an audience of dozens about her experience with homelessness and trauma. Mark Desantis talked about starting multiple companies and walking to a different path as an entrepreneur.

Tammy Thompson

Tammy had previously been a guest on the podcast. After seeing our media skills in action, she hired us to record a keynote that she gave. It went really well.

Tammy has been speaking around Pittsburgh for years, but never recorded her talks for digital consumption. She does see the value of producing media because Tammy created a documentary about the psychological effects of poverty called "We Wear the Mask"

We're excited to work with Tammy further in the future.

Mark DeSantis

Mark DeSantis is Pittsburgh-famous. He ran for mayor of the city in 2007. He's had multiple successful technology startups, including kWantix, an energy hedge fund, kWantera, a GE Ventures-backed energy predictive analytics company, and Think Through Learning, a venture-backed online tutoring company.

Currently, Mark DeSantis is running his newest startup, Roadbotics. During a podcast interview, Aaron and Mark discussed how he got interested in road maintenance, the commercial use of artificial intelligence, and the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

The name for our vlog cam from a powerful statement that Mark made towards the end of the interview.

"The World isn't Designed for Entrepreneurs"

We agree.

To choose the path of entrepreneurship is to choose to struggle. To choose for your friends and family to be confused by what you're doing. To choose a different timeline than most of your peers.

But folks like Aaron, Hannah, and Mark DeSantis wouldn't have it any other way. We need to make our mark. We need to see our plans and dreams come to fruition.

Daphne Kass