Meeting with Zero Six Eight Cofounder Dan Bull

After meeting with financial advisor Matt Blocki, Piper Creative headed downtown to meet with Zero Six Eight founder Dan Bull. We explored part of their office and discussed how powerful producing media would be for their business.

Zero Six Eight is named after the three numbers that represent Allegheny County for prisoners in a federal penitentiary. Dan's coworking space and incubator serve ex-offenders who are working to reintegrate into society.

By connecting them with businesses and entrepreneurs, Zero's model stimulates the economy and unlocks vast human potential.

Dan Bull spokes about what he is doing at Zero Six Eight at length during a session of the 2018 Going Deep Summit.

After setting up his story, he brought former hacker Damon Toey onstage to talk about his past and explain the challenges of reintegration.

Trust is the biggest factor in finding a new community after serving time.

Daphne Kass