Monday Morning Gratitude + Goals

The 100th episode of #ThisIsPiper gives an inside look at our standard weekly Monday morning meeting.

As the gang settles in at a cozy Panera Bread, Director of Operations, Tori, kicked things off by asking everyone if they had any interesting articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that they had been consuming and want to share with the group. 

Hannah mentioned a YouTuber she had recently discovered: Chris Ramsay, a specialist in “deceptive practices.” She expressed that she admired the high quality of his videos and his channel.

Shifting gears, Tori asked everyone to go around and share something that they are grateful for. Some of the answers included “bagels,” “having good health,” “my dad,” and “family and friends.”

Aaron then briefly discussed specific areas of focus and growth for everyone in the group. For example, he acknowledged that Annie Marmaras (@anniemarmaras), one of our Creative Apprentices, was doing an excellent job with our public relations and emailing prospective podcast guests and that she would shift her focus to promoting the Going Deep Summit 2.0.

Once the meeting wrapped up, Aaron and Hannah headed out to meet with Tracy Certo, founder of Next Pittsburgh Magazine, and interviewed her for the next episode of the podcast (Go Deep with Tracy here). Aaron asked her what it was like to transition from doing something you love and making a business out of it to getting taken out of doing that thing to manage it.

Tracy responded that the transition had actually been very exciting and she has loved every part of the experience. 

“I have learned so much about running a business and connecting with other people in town, and I’m better able to appreciate other peoples’ businesses and other news we get about new companies and to really understand problems and challenges. It’s actually opened up a whole new world to me and I find it very fascinating.” 

After the interview, Aaron and Hannah met up with Tori and Callie DeMasters (@szafirowe), another one of our apprentices, to discuss their personal and professional goals for 2019. 

Callie’s personal and professional goal was to find a better balance between work and school so that she can get the most out of her experience and achieve something new by the end of the semester. The group then discussed what they could do differently and what they can do to help her find that balance and be her best self.

written by @Annie__Volk

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