Pitching Shark Tank

When Piper Creative found out the Shark Tank Open Call was coming to Pittsburgh, we knew we had to go. We love to watch the show, but knew that behind-the-scenes would offer some fresh insights.

We decided on a lark to go and pitch our business to Shark Tank. We had no expectation of making it onto the show, but still feel like it was a valuable experience.

Piper trekked over to Rivers Casino early in the morning to talk about our company. Hannah got turned away at the door since she wasn't yet 21 years old. That ended up being a blessing because as an "underage" entrant, we got jumped to the front of the line.

Why pitch?

1. More opportunities to practice our spiel
2. A chance to network with more entrepreneurs
3. Valuable content for people pitching Shark Tank in the future


Piper hopes you know what to expect now when you pitch your business to Shark Tank Open Call. Shoot us a Dm if you have any questions.

Daphne Kass