Pittsburgh Companies Knotzland & Blackbird Health

We started with a podcast interview of Nisha Blackwell. She founded Knotzland, a custom bowtie company, after creating a bow as a birthday gift. Her creativity and success led to her being named to Facebook's Small Business Council and national recognition.

This was another full day for Piper, with a dose of drama.

Listen to the full interview:  http://www.goingdeepwithaaron.com/podcast/295-sustainable-bowties-the-facebook-small-business-council-w-nisha-blackwell

We then met with Dr. Matt Keener, founder of Blackbird Health. His healthcare startup is aiming to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare through telemedicine.

We're hoping to help him start a podcast.

Finally, coffee at Biddle's Escape with Hannah Frankman. She coached us on our videography skills and debriefed from her experience at the Going Deep Summit.

Daphne Kass