Aaron Speaks at the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Forum on Digital Media

This past March, Aaron spoke at the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Forum event, “The Business & Influence of Digital Content Creators.” The panel featured Aaron, Cooper Monroe (The Motherhood), and Day Bracey (Fresh Fest).

He emphasized the importance of spending time on LinkedIn and creating/posting your own original content.

“We are getting meaningful, inbound business opportunities from our activity on LinkedIn.”

Producing your own content on a platform like LinkedIn can be intimidating if you’ve never done anything like that before, and Aaron gets that. If that’s the position you find yourself in, he recommends starting by simply increasing the amount of time you spend on LinkedIn and the amount you interact with the influencers you admire on the site.

Aaron also encourages people in the industry to “just press ‘publish’” when it comes to publishing your first couple pieces of original content. They’re not going to be perfect right away, but the more content you produce, the better your content will become. Focus on the progress you’re making and the systems you’re implementing, rather than the short-term results.

As for Piper Creative, Aaron says, “...we’ve had podcast episodes that were duds, we’ve had articles that didn’t do well...but every fifth one, it really works and really resonates with people, and that is the entry point to doing future business.”

When browsing LinkedIn, Aaron strongly encourages people to start leaving real, meaningful comments on posts and videos from influencers and companies you admire or would like to work with. The more you do that, the more familiar you become to them, which could help you connect with them professionally and increase the likelihood of future opportunities.

Following Aaron’s talk, Day Bracey chimed in to emphasize that people should stop looking at each other as competition and start looking at each other as collaborative opportunities. “We are better as a community.”

After the panel, Aaron was approached by several entrepreneurs who attended the forum and answered their questions and gave them advice on producing their own content.

written by @annie__volk

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