Pittsburgh Instagram Influencer Workshop

Pittsburgh is not known for being a media hotbed. Piper Creative wants to change that. One strategy we are deploying is to bring together some of the biggest Pittsburgh Instagram account operators to share insights and network.

While Pittsburgh is lagging behind, there are a few folks in western Pennsylvania that have harnessed the modern tools of digital media to amass significant followings on Instagram.

Nicole DiMarco, Chance Humphrey, and Erin Bachman came to Alloy 26 to share their insights on growing followings on Instagram to an audience of 50 Pittsburghers.

Over the course of a 2-hour discussion, we discussed hashtags, planning out your content, and upgrading your equipment. The engaged, hungry audience ate up the insights and had lots of questions for the esteemed panel.

Nicole has a new Pittsburgh Instagram account that focuses on family, fashion and lifestyle.

Chance's Pittsburgh Instagram account focuses on street style around the city.

Erin also focuses heavily on family and fashion.

Additionally, we featured music in this vlog from Pittsburgh artist Mars Jackson.

Keep an eye on our events page for more workshops like this one.

Daphne Kass