Playing Pickleball at the Pittsburgh Business Show

Piper was invited to record an episode of the Going Deep podcast at the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show. This episode of our vlog covers our interview with Bill Laboon about cryptocurrencies, features John & Rachel from YaJagOff podcast, and our cold pitch to Bill Flanagan of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

After hydrating with Salud Smoothies, we drove into Pittsburgh towards the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. A quarter of the convention hall had been rented by Higher Images, the marketing firm behind the Pittsburgh Business Show.

This was their 2nd year running the event and there was a moderately strong showing.

Our results

  • We recorded a great interview about Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other altcoins with Bill Laboon. Bill is a Computer Science professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Piper Creative met Bill Flanagan, who hosts a week business show named "Our Region's Business"

  • We met Meesha Gerhart, a web developer & small business owner in Pittsburgh.

What do you love about conferences and live events?

Daphne Kass