What it Means to Have Skin in the Game

“The pride that you take when your identity is tied to something is what is going to make that something better.”

In one of his classic mid-commute wisdom sessions, Aaron Watson describes what makes certain conferences unbearable, what it means to have “skin in the game,”  and why the Going Deep Summit is going to continue to be successful long-term.

Speaking to Podcast Ninja Kelsee McHugh, Aaron explains that having skin in the game means taking responsibility for everything that you do, which in the long run will make everything you do come out better. For example, when this vlog gets put on YouTube, there will be a screen that says “Shot and edited by Kelsee McHugh,” and having her name on something will encourage Kelsee to continue to improve and produce quality content.

One of the reasons why Aaron believes that the Going Deep Summit is going to be better than other conferences is because each year, more and more people will come not just because of the speakers we bring in or the other attendees, but because of the people at Piper. When you know the skin is in the game and your goal is not to make money and promote your brand, but to benefit the audience and bring in speakers who can educate and inspire, that is what will make the summit special. 

When Going Deep Summit 3.0 is announced, it means more because of the first and second summits. The fact that over 50 tickets have already been sold eight months in advance and before any speakers have even been announced shows the upward trajectory of the summit’s brand and is a result of the context we have laid out for people.

Nothing is worse than a conference full of speakers who paid to be there to advertise themselves. Every speaker at the Going Deep Summit is selected by Piper to serve the people in attendance.

Conferences without skin in the game put together incoherent panels that mix one inspirational speaker with a collection of low-value promoters. These goobers take up 90% of the stage time and deliver straight nonsense at the audience, while you only get to hear from that one compelling speaker for a small amount of time, and usually don’t get to hear the best of what they have to say. 

“We don’t put anyone up on our stage who is anything other than utterly compelling. Someone who will expand your mind, fill your heart, and grow your tribe.

written by @Annie__Volk

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