Tammy Thompson - Important Conversation

Piper Creative came to the Circle of Greater Pittsburgh Office to meet with Tammy Thompson. Tammy Thompson is the new Executive Director of Circles and calls upon her experiences with trauma and poverty to help others.

She joined Circles because it was the type of program she needed when she was in a low point. The program's core value is in the community and network of people that are developed. A strong social network is essential for support, perspective, and unity.


Tammy was very honest with us about the trauma she experienced as a child. Her family came to Pittsburgh looking for work and a better opportunity. When their fortunes turned, they faced homelessness.

Tammy eventually pulled herself out of poverty and built a career in real estate. But, after the 2008 housing crisis, she went in search of work with deeper meaning.

Now, she's focused on serving others and teaching the basic of financial literacy that should be in every student's curriculum.

In addition to learning finances, Tammy Thompson focuses on treating the root causes of poverty. It is essential to address trauma and loneliness in order to change people's lives. Circles of Pittsburgh helps to address those core issues.

We wish Tammy luck in her new role as Executive Director.

Intern Meetings

Later, we conducted our weekly intern meeting. There, our new interns Nick & Aaron introduced themselves and the focus they plan to bring to the internship.

Finally, we ended the day with an interview at Commonplace Coffee. Callie heard Hannah talk at a local high school and followed up to participate in our internship program.

She rocked the interview and showed a poise and competence beyond her years. The potential is apparent and we are really excited to serves as a part of Callie's development.

Our favorite days at Piper Creative are the ones with lots of meetings and great people.

Daphne Kass