This Is Piper

On February 26, 2018, Piper Creative was born. Co-founders Aaron Watson and Hannah Phillips proudly announced that the company would be launched in union with a vlog of Piper's weekly progress.

The video was recorded in the back hallway of Protohaven, a nonprofit makerspace dedicated to the mastery of design & fabrication in Wilkinsburg. We'd just wrapped up the 3rd Connection University Meetup (Hannah's 1st) and were riding the high of meeting new people and being at the beginning of a grand journey.

We believe that sharing the mistakes and harsh realities that come along with an entrepreneurial endeavor benefit our audience. Sometimes that will take the form of tough questions in Piper Answers. Other times, it will look more like flubbing the 2nd to last word in a monologue but leaving it in the video.

We left it in because we have a commitment to keeping it real. We left it in because it's funny. We left it in because we want you to trust us.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Aaron & Hannah

Daphne Kass