Piper Creative is a fast-growing agency looking for creative, young talent. We're hungry and have really big aspirations. We're also offering a completely unique Pittsburgh Marketing Internship.

If you're interested in an internship where you'll be given a lot of creative freedom and opportunity to develop new skills, this is the internship for you.

You will learn marketing techniques that actually work, the fundamentals of great storytelling, and make connections with entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants.

The Piper leadership team has designed our internship program to teach you the skills required to find success in the modern economy and cut out the BS busy work that most internships focus on.

Ideal candidates will have the following characteristics;

  1. You're always on time.

  2. You haven't had your natural creativity beaten out of you by school.

  3. You're not afraid to fail and like creating content.

If you have questions about this Pittsburgh marketing internship, please fill out our contact form.

To apply for Fall 2019, complete this form.

For a look at what our weekly team meetings look like, check out this video.