Scale Content and Assets Under Managment

In 2019, the team at Equilibrium Wealth Advisors came to Piper Creative in advance of a major move..

They were leaving their Broker-Dealer to establish their own independent RIA.

They trusted Piper Creative to produce the videos that greeted clients (and leads) in their inbox, on
EWA’s website, and on social media.

Piper delivered every video on time and on budget.Equilibrium Wealth Advisors successfully moved all of their clients into the new business in 2020.EWA’s COO said that Piper was “the best vendor to work with” of all the firms they used to help manage the transition to an independent RIA.

The following year, Equilibrium needed a way to engage their growing list of clients who weren’t comfortable coming into the office.

Together, EWA and Piper developed a regular cadence of video shoots that gave the firm consistent content marketing.

The Piper team produced a Quarterly Review video, educational explainers of the tax planning strategies, and videos that highlighted the culture of the fast growing firm.

That year, Equilibrium had a 100% retention rate, 59 unsolicited referrals, and increased followers on their platforms.

“How they handle business was intuitive, proactive, and well-explained.”
— EWA's Chief Operating Officer

In 2022, EWA and Piper took things to the next level, with a plan to produce more than 100 unique videos.

In addition to longform educational videos, Piper also produced short form vertical videos that were optimized to be consumed on mobile devices.

Piper led the creative direction of the content and oversaw Equilibrium’s growth across all channels.

This led to a record-setting yeat for inbound referrals and perfect client retention.

Every video was edited with the proper disclosures to ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies.

Together, Piper produced more than 225 videos for Equilibrium Wealth Advisors and trained internal staff on the basics of effective video marketing.


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