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At Piper Creative, we have years of experience producing engaging, high-quality online courses and training videos for businesses across all industries. Our team of talented videographers, editors, and instructional designers will work closely with you to bring your training vision to life.

Piper has assisted a wide range of content creators and online educators produce videos that educate.

Our Online Course Services

Course Filming & Recording

From scripting to on-location videography using high-end equipment, we handle all the production needs for filming your course material. Our experienced teams can record at your office, hire professional talent, or facilitate recording remotely.

Video Editing & Post-Production

Our skilled video editors will polish your footage, adding graphics, animations, professional voice overs and more to create a polished, professional final product. We ensure visual consistency across all lessons.

LMS Course Building

We'll build out your courses in your preferred Learning Management System, properly formatting videos, adding interactive elements, quizzes and facilitating an optimal online learning experience.

Instructional Design

Our instructional designers work with your subject matter experts to ensure learning objectives are met. We structure content in a logical flow using proven techniques to maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention.

eLearning Translations

For a global workforce, we offer eLearning translation services, adapting your courses for multiple language subtitling and voice over localization.

Continuing Updates and Maintenance

As your training needs evolve, we can continuously update your existing courses, re-record lessons, implement new interactive elements and more.

Our Expertise

Over the past decade, we've produced hundreds of hours of online business training content on topics such as:

From comprehensive video course series to single microlearning videos, our team has the experience to flawlessly execute your organization's professional training needs from concept to final delivery.

Let's discuss how we can bring your next online training project to life! 
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