RIAs and Wealth Managers Need to Leverage Video

It’s hard to market a wealth management firm.

Your competition is selling similar index funds and ETFs. You contract with the same insurance brokerages. Not to mention that Robinhood and Vanguard are both trying to convince people to invest their money on their own.

I saw this first hand as a licensed advisor at a large broker-dealer and thought there had to be a better way.

So I marched into the office and said I wanted to create digital media that would establish my authority, reach new prospects, and build my brand.

The compliance department shut it down.

I quit the next day.

For the last 6 years I have been honing my craft as a marketer, video producer, and strategist.

Just like your clients don’t want to take financial advice from a clown with a negative net worth, you shouldn’t work with a marketer that can’t market themselves effectively.

Today, I run a YouTube channel with over 10 million views and over 90,000 subscribers.

My audience returns to watch video every week and YouTube recommends my content to new people every single day.

It’s like someone who starts putting money into their Roth IRA as a teenager. My library of content compounds as the days pass and earn credibility with every lead that comes in the door.

I’d like to help you build the same thing for your wealth management business.

Most wealth management firms don’t know how to leverage this insanely undervalued asset.

They shoot slow boring webinars, show zero personality, and hire some fresh grad with no experience to try and make it work.

My clients get results. Wealth Advisors that implement Piper Creative’s Proven Video Marketing Process see more referrals, stronger client retention, and have an easier time bringing junior advisors into the fold.

If you’d like to understand more about how we can help you grow your assets under management, Book a Call.

If you’re still skeptical, go watch a case study, then book a call.

Piper Creative has spent years executing marketing campaigns for financial firms. Our collaboration is proven to be transparent, consistent, and effective..

Our Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency understands how to navigate the restrictions of FINRA compliance, speak to HNW prospects, and free up your time.

Increase AUM with Piper’s Video Sales System

When you work with Piper Creative, you’re working with a firm that has relevant experience.

We have helped clients increase their revenue, retain more clients, and generate great leads.

A Piper client taps into an unparalleled well of experience.

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